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"Are you dropping more collections?"

Posted by LVD Fitness Inc. on

"We need to talk."

We know it's been a while.

We know we owe you guys an explanation. The big question is "Are you guys going to drop a collection anytime soon?"

You asked it in the spring, again in the summer, and finally in the fall.

The short answer is...no.

But now for the long answer.

When we started this company, we knew we had one major goal: We wanted to connect powerlifters.

And beyond that, we wanted to do three things:
  1. Connect and support the powerlifting community
  2. Help athletes have a global impact
  3. Work for ourselves and inspire others to do the same
Over the years, we have heard incredible stories of lifters making friends at a new gym because of LVD, new gym goers feeling like they belong because of LVD, and global fans making friends because of LVD.

We’ve donated more than $25,000 to important global causes, and provided more than 500,000 days of clean water to individuals in need.

And we’ve left our corporate lives behind and helped others create their own standards too.

While we’re still supporting powerlifters with LVD Media, we’ve decided to stop producing collections of LVD apparel.

We started this business to have a positive impact, helping to connect passionate individuals while working towards solving a global water and hygiene crisis.

Ultimately, we want to make sure we’re not simultaneously having a negative impact by playing an active part in the fast fashion crisis.

We believe the future of fashion is all about a minimalist, sustainable closet.

We love where fashion is going: producing clothing from recycled materials and investing in wardrobe staples to curb fast fashion.

Right now, it doesn’t make sense for us to continue dropping collections with this in mind. We have so much respect for apparel brands leading this movement, and we want to encourage you guys to consider more sustainable purchases.

While we’ve grown so much with LVD, we’ve also grown to realize graphic apparel just doesn’t align with our vision and values anymore.

It’s something we’ve struggled with because LVD means so much to us, as does every person who ever supported the movement.

But it just doesn’t feel right for us to continue creating apparel that doesn’t align with the minimalist, sustainable lifestyle we believe in.

We are, and always will be, passionate about connecting communities, but we’re changing what this looks like for us.

Thank you for being patient with us over this past year, as we took some time to do some true soul searching.

We know some of you will be disappointed in our choices to stop releasing products, but we thank you guys for every conversation we’ve had so far, and we hope to see you continuing to spread the LVD mission.

And hey, we’re sad about it too!

We realize it’s not normal for a company to just stop producing at a time where they’re thriving, but it’s what makes sense for us.

This journey has been so incredible. We are so grateful for all your support to date, and you will always be our LVD family.

Much love always,
Mal & Josh

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  • Good luck with your future endeavours!

    steph on

  • This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. This needs to be the new standard for capitalism — instead of endless growth place the planet and the impact first. You guys are amazing thank you so much for your contribution to the culture.

    JG on

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