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The Legacy Collection brings the spirit of powerlifting to life. We partnered with five elite powerlifters for this collection to bring you one of our most epic collections to date. 

Want to get to know the collection?

Take a look at each item below to learn more about the pieces that make up this fall collection. 




The Ray Williams - Game Over 

Ray Williams is leaving his legacy through powerlifting. He is best known for squatting more than 1,000lbs raw and most recently won the 2017 Best Male Lifter at the IPF World Championships in Minsk, Belarus. 

Ray started his legacy with his "It's Money Time" tees, and the movement continues with this "Game Over" fan favourite. To Ray, five stars means setting a high standard in everything that you do.

A portion of this Ray Williams "Game Over" shirt's proceeds go towards helping the communities directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. To learn more about Ray's story and his charity of choice, read the Ray Williams Legacy blog




The Jen Thompson - It's not supposed to be easy

When it comes to hard work, Jennifer Thompson could teach us all a lesson. With the highest bench co-efficient globally - male or female, Jen can bench press more than 320lbs at 132lbs bodyweight.

She has no sympathy for complainers, and she knows what it takes to be the best. As a high school teacher, these qualities help her inspire her students to accept the challenge at hand and work as hard as necessary to come out on top. 

Following in the footsteps of our previous collaborations with LVD athlete Jen Thompson, this "It's Not Supposed To Be Easy" shirt is in support of ending child hunger in North America through the No Kid Hungry organization.

Want to learn more? Check out Jennifer Thompson's Legacy blog.  




The Kelly Branton - Moving Weight

Kelly Branton is the face of Canadian powerlifting. Since day one, he's put his head down and hustled to get where he is today. As the first Canadian to total more than 1,000kg raw in competition, Kelly Branton makes every training day count.

He believes when it comes down to it, it's all about moving weight over and over again in training. With practice comes success. 

Kelly strives to support powerlifting's quest to becoming a recognized, Olympic-level sport. Since funding is still lacking for powerlifting athletes today, Kelly's Moving Weight tee helps support the 2018 Team Canada that will be competing in Calgary, Alberta for the 2018 IPF World Championships. 

Read more about Kelly in his Kelly Branton Legacy blog





The Katie Anne - Find Strength

Katie Anne Rutherford is a 72kg IPF powerlifter, and one of the few who have totalled more than 1,000lbs raw in competition. Considered a triple threat, Katie Anne is also an elite figure competitor and the Instagram queen of macronutrient tracking. No matter what she does, Katie Anne inspires others to find strength to accomplish their goals. 

Devastated by the reality at hand for some women, Katie Anne will be working with Columbus-based organization Out of Darkness to help women escape sex trafficking to start a new life. This "Find Strength" tee is just the first step in her collaborative efforts with the organization. 

Interested to learn more? Read the Katie Anne Legacy blog.





The Bryce Lewis - Dopamine

Bryce Lewis is the 105kg USAPL National Champion and a dedicated advocate for drug-free powerlifting and sport. Passionate about science and education, Bryce is always conducting his own research or burying himself in the findings of others. Bryce is the founder of the largest powerlifting coaching network, The Strength Athlete (TSA) and has athletes of all levels turning to him for guidance. 

For Bryce, nothing is more important than education and a brighter tomorrow. To him, dopamine is not only a compound but a way of life. He advocates for choosing happiness and enjoying every moment. 

Want to learn more about how Bryce's Dopamine shirt helps promote science? Read the Bryce Lewis Legacy blog





The Powerlifting Mantra

As powerlifters, not a day goes by that we aren't thinking about the three compounds: Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. 

We remade our original mantra design with a fresh twist for this Legacy collection. Enjoy the Powerlifting Mantra in a women's tank, unisex tee, or unisex baseball tee




The Powerlift Anthem

How could we make a powerlifting-centric collection without your basic Powerlift tee? We created a bloodshot baseball tee and a plain black tee, with an LVD logo on the neck for a quick accent. 



Get Your Head in the Game - Headbands

We understand the importance of focusing on your workout with no distractions. Our new Game Day Headbands let you narrow in on your training. As an IPF-approved item, these can be worn for CPU, USAPL, and any IPF-affiliated federation meets. We've chosen a heathered material for all three colours, so you can look good whether you're rocking the Black Panther, the Rhino, or the Blue Starling


Need a little extra inspiration? We added our "LIFT - VISUALIZE - DOMINATE" mantra on the inside of every headband to remind you, as you put it on, that it's go time.  


dad-hats-legacyThe Dad Hats - Fall Edition

We've got new colours in our classic dad hats including white with teal, camo and rose pink. Get ready for fall with any of these steals. 




Leave Your Legacy

Last but certainly not least, we've got the Leave Your Legacy tee. This tee encompasses everything we stand for and what we believe these athletes are doing. Powerlifting is more than a hobby, it's an opportunity to leave your legacy.

We know how they're leaving theirs, so how will you leave yours?

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  • Your mission continues to grow and be so inspiring. Thanks for bringing such a great message to the community, and for continuing to help others in need!

    Megan Clumpus on

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