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LVD family provides 500,000 days of clean water through WaterAid

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Today we are extremely excited to announce a milestone of 500,000 days of clean water provided through our partner, WaterAid Canada. 

"It is your generosity that has helped make it possible for thousands of people to turn on a tap, or use a hand pump, and drink safe water for the first time. Many more can now close the door to a safe, private toilet." - Nefertiti Saleh, WaterAid Canada

We created LVD to help strength athletes come together and grow their impact. With every order our LVD family has made, we've gotten one step closer to helping WaterAid reach their goal of global access to clean water by 2030. Thank you to every single person who has been a part of this incredible journey. We can't wait to see what else we all do next. 

Looking at 2017 with WaterAid 

Over the last year alone, we've been able to reach...

Clean Water for Schools in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda

WaterAid Canada is currently wrapping up the fifth and final year of their Clean Water for Schools program. By the end of this year, they will have reached a total of 170 schools and over 120,000 girls and boys with clean water, decent toilets and hygiene awareness across Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

With the support of our LVD family and other contributors, WaterAid has bee able to:

By simply having readily accessible clean water to drink throughout the school-day means that students can better concentrate and focus on their education without having to worry about leaving class to collect water from often distant sources. With decent toilets and good hygiene, students and teachers remain healthier and are more likely to attend school as disease and illness can now be more easily prevented.

It also means that girls have an equal chance at education. With clean water and private toilets available at schools students can now manage their period with privacy and dignity and no longer have to miss school.

Delivering Life in Tanzania

In Tanzania, more than a third of health centers do not have a clean water supply. In absence of clean water and basic sanitation clinics cannot be kept clean; midwives are unable to wash the cloths they use to stem the bleeding after delivery nor the sheets babies are born onto. Without clean water, midwives are unable to properly wash their hands between deliveries. This practice increases the risk of bacterial infection and is often fatal for mothers and their newborn children.

Currently in its second year Tanzania: Deliver Life is a four-year program that aims to contribute to the reduction of maternal, newborn and child mortality in rural Tanzania through the provision of water, sanitation and hygiene services at twelve health clinics in the districts of Geita and Nyang’hwale in the Geita region.

Together with WaterAid Canada and the support of our LVD family, we will improve the water and sanitation conditions at twelve rural health clinics and reach 211,299 women, 220,861 children under five years old and 234,043 men.

As part of a wider Canada-Africa Initiative to address Maternal, Newborn and Child Mortality in sub-Saharan Africa, the program is jointly funded by the government of Canada multiplying the impact of your investment!

Pushing forward in 2018

Continued Support for the Tanzania Project

In 2018, we will continue to support the four-year Tanzania project. 

According to the World Health Organization, 398 in 100,000 woman in Tanzania will die during or shortly after their pregnancy in contrast to 7 per 100,000 in Canada. The infant mortality rate in Tanzania is 35 per 1,000 live births, as opposed to 4 per 1,000 in Canada.

“Previously when the health the center had no water we used to advise pregnant women and their relatives to bring 3 jerry cans of water with them when coming for delivery.


We felt bad because most of the times the water they brought was not safe and clean but we still had to use it as there was no other alternative," says Midwife Esther Mongi, "We now receive fewer number of diarrhea patients. Even the number of mothers coming here has increased. I have the hope that in the future we will have even more patients coming to deliver here because we have plenty of water which we are sure of is in regular supply.”

Healthy Communities in Mali

In Mali, more than half the population lives on less than $1.25 a day, making it one of the poorest countries in the world. Access to clean water, especially in rural areas, is almost impossible for early a quarter of the population while 1.2 million people are without a private and hygienic place to go to the toilet.
In partnership with Cirque de Soleil's ONE Drop Foundation, WaterAid Canada will build water points and latrines at schools, health centres and public spaces, and deploy local inspired forms of social arts to raise awareness, promote hygiene behaviour and mobilize communities during this four-year project. 

Expanding our Impact

Got a cause you want us to support? Drop us a line and tell us more about it! You can learn more about our other past initiatives by visiting the Our Impact page. 

Want to learn more about our initiatives? 

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