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Six low-calorie summer drink alternatives

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Working on that summer cut? Trying to stay on track? Here are some low-calorie summer drink alternatives to help you beat the heat this summer!

1. Flavoured water drops 

If we're being honest, we could all do a little better with hitting our daily water intake. Flavoured-water additives are a great way to beat your sweet tooth cravings while upping your water intake. The cool drink will leave you feeling refreshed, and your body will thank you in the long run. Keep your favourite flavour in your purse or gym bag, and you're good to go all day long. 


2.  BCAA Slushies

BCAAs are a commonly-used intra-workout supplement due to their amino acids and caffeine components. This also means they're a great tool to give you a mid-day boost when the summer heat is getting the best of you. Taking your workout BCAAs during the day may sound boring, but turn it into a slushie and you'll be bummed you didn't think of this sooner! 

Simply fill a Magic Bullet or any blender with ice, water, and a scoop of BCAAs to make the perfect low-calorie summer drink. Pour it over some ice, and go soak in the sun! 


3. Protein Ice Cream

Protein ice cream is arguably the best way to make a girl smile while fighting some summer cravings. If you're in Canada, Montreal-based CoolWhey is the perfect treat to hit 40 grams of protein and leave yourself feeling totally full and content. Blessed by a diet culture (joking but not really), the US has a ton of low-calorie iced treats including Halo Top and Arctic Zero.


4. Artificially Sweetened Soda

Some people swear by their artificially sweetened drinks, while others refuse to go near them. If you're not opposed to them, they offer a calorie-free option that will bring down your body temperature and leave you feeling full until your next meal. 

Some examples include:

  • Sparkling Ice flavoured water
  • Iced Tea (Nestea Zero)
  • Fresca
  • Coke Zero
  • Diet versions of most popular soft drinks


5. Cold Brew or Iced Tea

Whether you want to brew a fresh batch yourself or stop at your local coffee shop, a black cold brew or iced tea is a calorie-free solution that leaves you in control. You can add sweetner, soy milk, or sugar-free syrup with no added calories. Feeling wild? Treat yourself to some cream or real sugar if you've got some wiggle room to spare.


6. Root Beer Float

Last but certainly not least is my most recently discovered favourite: the classic root beer float. If you're like me, these were a family favourite growing up. Now, you never go near it because it just screams carb overload. Try combining your favourite diet soda with some protein or low-calorie ice cream and voila! The perfect summer treat that will have you satisfied to the point you'll forget it was even low-calorie. 


About the author

Mallory Rowan is a former competitive dancer and pole fitness instructor turned powerlifter, competing for two years now. She is the co-founder of LVD Fitness, the Mal of Mal and Josh, and mildly addicted to finding protein-friendly versions of all of her favourite carby snacks.


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