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The Evolve Collection

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The Evolve Collection represents a turning point for LVD and our community. As a brand, we are evolving. As individuals, you are evolving.

We wanted to put together something extra special for you this summer to better represent the athlete you are becoming. 

We are excited to bring you this new collection, not only because of what it means to us, but because we've stepped up our quality across the board. With this collection, we offer you an entirely new feel to our shirts, new styles you've never seen before, and extra attention to detail like our brand new hem tags.

Want to get to know the collection?

Take a look at each item below to learn more about the pieces that make up this new collection. 

shift premium hoodies lvd fitness

The Shift Premium Hoodie

We've always found coziness in our LVD hoodies, but we wanted to take it to a new level. This hoodie will keep you warm at home, but you can wear it out without having to hashtag #lazyerrands. 

These Shift Premium hoodies are a little longer in length than our traditional hoodie, and offer a new level of detail including a cuff hem tag, new strings, and detailing at the neck of the hoodie. 

We've also chosen to keep these hoodies simple but classic with a small front embroidery and the LVD icon on your hoodie to wear with pride. Offered in sandstorm, powder blue, and pink lemonade, these hoodies are perfect options to have a new colour for every mood or to treat bae to a matching outfit that won't make you cringe. 

transformed crop hoodie lvd fitness

Transformed: The Crop Hoodie

The Transformed Crop Hoodie can work with any outfit from those high waisted leggings in the gym for warmups to keeping you warm with the wind of those summer boat trips. 

Similar to the Shift Premium Hoodie, we've kept this crop simple with a front embroidery, and we've moved the LVD icon to the sleeve for all those cute side selfies you'll want to take. 

The Transformed Crop Hoodie is less industrial than the Shift Premium Hoodie for a more breathable wear, but it's got the warm and fuzzies all inside to keep you feeling positive and warm on those cool mornings. 

evolve duo 

The Evo Duo

We wanted something to embody the Evolve Collection for you ladies, and KI think we found it. We know not everyone can agree on their favourite styles, so we've created the Evo Duo to offer you two different colours and two different fits. 

Evo Reveal

The Evo Reveal is an ocean view, slightly longer crop to show off those shoulders and give you some room for those snacking summer days. The back features a racerback style to get some sunlight on those shoulders and show off the muscles you've earned in the gym. The Evo Reveal is a perfect match for any high-waisted bottom, and can still work well with a low-rise option.

Evo Adapt

The Evo Adapt is the second piece of our Evo Duo. With a sunrise pink tint, the Evo Adapt is a boxier crop with our classic rolled sleeve. We love the way this one hangs, and it's ready to bring out that baby tan you've been working on! 

The Evo Adapt is perfect for those hot summer nights or those outdoor workout sessions you'll be crushing.

thrive dominate tee

The Thrive Tee

The Thrive tee is the design that started it all for this collection. We wanted to capture the boldness and intensity with which you live, and combine it with the fun, good vibes you exert.

A white tee can be scary, but it's summer and you deserve to glow. We've added a heathered feel to this tee to make sure it's just as soft as your other tees, and you can learn to love white tees this summer.

With everything you do, you dominate. Through adversity, you thrive. 

flourish long tee t-shirt dress

The Flourish Long Tee

The Flourish Long Tee was designed for the subtle hustler in mind. You've got a high attention to detail, and you like to keep things clean. With this minimalist approach, we've captured the same summer vibes of the Thrive Tee in a simpler approach for you. With a splash of colour in the chest logo to match with any bottoms or accessories, this long tee works with any outfit.

Designed for everyday life, this long tee has a perfect back scoop to keep you looking fresh without having to put in any extra work. And it's perfect for the girlfriend who steals your tees - this long tee can double as a t-shirt dress for the woman in your life. Just roll the sleeves, throw on some shorts to be safe, and you're good to go! 

thrive dominate crop top

The Thrive Crop

Inspired by the Thrive tee, we knew the ladies would want something special with those bright colours. We've created the ultimate summer cropped tee for you: with capped sleeves and a finished seam, this Thrive crop is loose enough to feel the summer breeze but still flattering for your workouts or your afternoon adventures.

With the Thrive tee design replicated on the back of this tee, you've got something for everyone to admire when you walk away. Keeping the front simple, a summer chest logo and our colourful back means this crop tee can rock with any bottoms you've picked out.  

agile performance tee lvd

The Agile Performance Tee

We're still bringing you the same great cotton blends you love for inside and outside the gym, on the platform and off the field, but we wanted to offer something new for those summer cardio days. 

Our Agile Performance Tee is lightweight and sweat absorbent to keep you going longer for those outdoor training days. With a peppered grey look to it, this print is smoothly created to move with you without restrictions.

hustle disrupt tee

The Disrupt Tee

An ode to our former Grind and Hustle tees, we've got a sage special for you. This heathered tee is for the everyday hustler. Your ideas are loud, and you need a wardrobe that can let them speak for themselves. This sage tee has a soft and subtle print to keep you comfortable when you're running from meeting to meeting.

build for tomorrow devise tee

The Devise Tee

Above all else, always have a plan. Whether you're thinking on your toes or planning months in advance, always have a plan.

This Devise tee is for the individual keeping tomorrow in mind. Don't get stuck on what happened yesterday or the minute details of today; Always build for tomorrow.

From training to your career or your personal life, your actions today should always be working to build a stronger tomorrow for you. 

This black on black tee is to be worn with pride and to serve as a reminder with every time your tired head sinks. Keep your eyes forward and always build for tomorrow.

rise canada lvd tee

The Rise Tee

The Rise Tee is a reminder of how far we've come. While this tee doesn't focus on a given message, it encompasses where we are today and where we were before today. 

With both Canada and the United States' Independence celebration in mind, this red and black heathered tee is a symbol of our roots and yours. We wear our name with pride, and we hope you wear yours as proudly. 

build for tomorrow mens tank

The Devise Men's Tank

The Devise Men's Tank is built for that same individual you see working late nights, dialling into every workout no matter what, and working towards the best version of themselves. 

We get it. A lot of men's tanks have an awkward fit and aren't exactly built for an athlete like you. We've created a custom cut for these men's tanks, so perfect it's like you had it cut to fit you. 

With a lighter tone than the Devise Tee, this tank is perfect for those outdoor chores on a hot summer day or those bro sessions you just have to hit at the gym.

hustle build water bottle

The Build Bottle

This slick bottle is designed to go everywhere with you. From your early morning bike ride to your afternoon coffee date and your late night training, we're here to make sure you're getting the hydration you need. 

The Build Bottle is available in a classic black with white print look.

The Forge Hat Trio

Just like you, we love our dad hats. We've got three great new colours here to help you forge your way to a better tomorrow: lilac, midnight, and sage. Growth can be slow as long as it's steady, and these hats serve to remind you to trust the process.

With a minimalistic barbell on the front, this hat can be worn while you rep out your top sets or when you want to rep your strength lifestyle outside of the gym. With classic embroidery, you'll find a subtle reminder to trust the process on the back of your cap. 

Got a big head? No worries. These hats are adjustable and designed to fit well with any head shape! Just trust the process.

The Evolution Headbands

Back by popular demand, we've got your headbands for this summer! With a brand new black and sage green design, we've got an abstract LVD logo on one side and a reminder to DOMINATE on the other. 

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