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The Momentum Collection: Revealed

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We are really excited to bring you guys this year's fall feature: the Momentum Collection

This collection represents how we feel as a collective team, both working on LVD and on other aspects in our life.

2018 has been a year of growth, and we couldn't be more excited to start implementing everything we've learned. To celebrate, we've pulled together a collection for our day ones, our LVD family that's been growing with us since day one. The ones that are ready to take things to the next level. 

Want to get to know the collection?

Take a look at each item below to learn more about the pieces that make up this new collection. 

lvd breakthrough jackets

The Breakthrough Jackets

We're always looking for new ways to represent the LVD family, and we are stoked about bringing you guys these new jackets.

This collection features a new, alternative print with a black on black anorak, camo anorak, and a black & graphite zippered windbreaker.

We're offering a few design styles since everyone likes things a little different. The anoraks feature a chest print and full back design, with a sleek black on black option or a cool camo with a cream accent. Like it more simple? The windbreaker has a discrete graphite chest logo.

lvd manifest long sleeves

Manifest Long Sleeves 

The Manifest long sleeves are here to keep you looking fresh on those cool, October days. 

Some days you don't want to be loud, you don't want to be bold. You want to put your head down, work on your vision, and get the work done. 

For those days, trust the Manifest long sleeves. We found a perfect blend to make you look good, feel good, and actually be able to move and breathe in your long sleeve. Our Nitro long sleeve is a sleek black with a dose of turquoise reminding you to create your own standards. Our Hunt long sleeve is for those days you feel connected to nature and need something more earthy. 

Both long sleeves feature an 'LVD FITNESS' simple chest print with 'CREATE YOUR OWN STANDARDS' on the back neck.  

lvd manifest joggers

Manifest Joggers 

You asked, we searched, and we delivered. We wanted to wait until we could bring you a jogger we believed in, a jogger we'd want to wear too.

Our Manifest joggers have a simple 'LVD FITNESS' print along one pocket, with an inverse LVD logo on your calf for when you're getting checked out as you walk away.

These joggers are a cozy alternative so you can look good when the cold hits, but feel like you're still snuggled up at home. They can be worn both low rise or high waisted, and we made them with both the ladies and the fellas in mind. 

lvd breakthrough tee

Breakthrough Tee

The Breakthrough tee is unlike anything else we've done to date. 

There's something about palm leaves that just calm us, and we wanted to carry that through with this collection. Keeping it clean with a simple chest print, we really wanted to bring in our jacket script into this tee. 

And of course, a final tribute to our anniversary coming up this November with a 'twenty fifteen' rocking on the back. 

lvd fuel tees

The Fuel Tees

His and hers, or yours and yours: you decide.

The Fuel Tees are our mood tees for every type of day coming your way. With a red, fiery feel, our Ember Fuel tee features our 'Fueled by Ambition' design. 

Not feeling the motivation? No problem. Our Nitro Fuel tee features our 'Fueled by Caffeine' design with an extra zap of turquoise for those days you need a little jolt.

No matter what's fueling you, you're getting it done and we respect that.

lvd impulse tee

The Impulse Tee

The Impulse Tee is a new twist on a simple phrase. This tee allows you to add some colour to your life this fall with a crisp new design. 

We wanted to represent a shift in our brand, and this tee felt like the perfect representation for a new edge, a new period. 

lvd impulse crops

The Impulse Crops 

Designed hand-in-hand with our Impulse tee, the Impulse crops is the perfect cut crop for anything sweaty. We've done a custom cut, raw edge to these so you can pretend you cut it yourself with those DIY skills you've been hiding.

For these crops, we stepped back and looked at what we like to wear in the gym. It's not always a tight crop, tank, or tee, sometimes we want to get the air moving and we take matters into our own hands.

These signature crops offer a Nitro edition for a black and turquoise feel, as well as the Energy edition for your earthier days. 

Not sure on your sizing for these? For a more fitted look, size yourself based off your typical unisex tee size. For a looser fit, you can base it off your typical women's item sizing.  

lvd vision raglan long tee

The Vision Raglan Long Tee

The Vision raglan long tee is the staple of this collection. With a subtle raglan seam, this Vision raglan is an ode to the originals who came before us, to the risk takers we look up to.

This one is for every individual of the LVD family chasing after their dreams and doing something new for the first time.

We believe in creating your own standards and living by them. Don't want to fit the stereotypical beauty mold? Not a typical athlete? First of your family to explore a new career path? Create your OWN standards!  

lvd discovery icon tee

The Discovery Crop Tee

The Discovery crop tee is a longer fitted crop tee for those days you don't want the added heat of a full tee but you're not feeling a full crop. (We all have those days.)

Featuring a few of our favourite things, this tee is a tribute to the discovery days. Whether it's your first time using a barbell, a new health goal, or a recently discovered passion, we want to be with you on your journey. We want to feel the experiences with you.

Not sure on sizing? These are a women's fitted tee so choose your sizing based off a typical women's fitted tee! 

lvd vision cropped long sleeve

The Vision Long Sleeve Crop

The Vision long sleeve crop, like the Discovery tee, is a longer variation of a crop to keep you warm and cute this autumn. 

With a simple chest print, we leave you with our feminine badass version of the vision raglan: 'create your own standards' tattooed down your back. 

lvd clarity scoop hoodie

The Clarity Scoop Hoodie

We couldn't be more in love with this hoodie. With a classic salt and pepper look, the Clarity hoodie has all the details that matter. 

We've got long sleeves to keep your hands covered, thick drawstrings for a classic look, side pockets to store your goodies without creating bulk around your belly, and a swoop bottom to keep you looking good.

Need help on sizing? The Clarity hoodie was designed more fitted with women in mind. This doesn't mean men can't rock it too, but men should consider sizing up for a looser fit.

lvd clarity women's tank 

The Clarity Tank 

For our non-crop fans, the Clarity tank is the most beautiful fitting tank we've done to date. It's a deep charcoal with a hint of blue, and our Clarity design loud and clear. This tank is awesome for a cool day's walk or your next training session. 

Hey, you could even wear it out with a cozy sweater, and we already know you'd look great. 

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