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About LVD



LVD was created for strength athletes, by strength athletes. We believe all athletes share a similar approach to life and aim to accomplish more than the average person. Both in and out of the gym, athletes are determined to conquer today and build for tomorrow. We believe athletes are the leaders of our generation, and we aim to empower athletes with the support of an entire community and the ability to grow their personal impact.


As millennials, we get a bad rep for being narcissistic and lazy, but in reality, we’re the most compassionate generation to date. We believe the future holds a world where consumers hold businesses accountable and the survival of brands will rely on social responsibility: equality and diversity will be a given in the workplace, every business will share a portion of their proceeds with a cause of their choice, and as a society we will shift from disaster recovery to pro-active initiatives.
As a socially-responsible business, we know how easy it is to give back. We want to live in a future where all businesses are willing to contribute and pay it forward, so we’ve made an active decision to help lead the way. With that said, we are always learning and growing, which means we are open to feedback and input into how we can grow our impact.


LVD Fitness was created by two powerlifters who were inspired by the community they found. In 2014, powerlifting was in a transitional phase as it remains today: the modern day powerlifter was emerging and the stereotypical powerlifter image was slowly being broken down. More women were entering the sport, and a wide variety of people took interest in the sport.
As powerlifters ourselves, Mallory Rowan and Josh Reyes felt they were missing a brand that embodied the new powerlifting spirit. A lot of existing brands were skulls and intense designs, but this wasn’t something we felt represented who we were. Attracted to a minimalistic lifestyle, we wanted to create a brand that represented our sense of style, our attitude towards lifting, and our approach to life in general. 
LVD Fitness was launched in November 2015 and has continued to grow by the power of the strength community ever since. In late 2016, we introduced LVD Media to fill another gap we saw in the sport. In Canadian powerlifting, no one was capturing the incredible moments happening at events. We put together a team, and we set out on a mission to better serve the strength community through a new, added avenue.
Today, we strive to continue to develop designs and initiatives that represent our LVD family and support our global strength community. We are passionate about connecting the strength community, and we are driven to bring you products you are proud to wear.




So wait, you sell t-shirts and photo packages?
We recognize our business model is unique, but our mission is clear. We aim to support strength athletes in whatever it is they do. This means we provide high quality apparel for their everyday lifestyle, media services for their highest and lowest moments, and social initiatives to grow their impact.
LVD Media focuses on photography and video services for all strength sports. Want us at your next event or to create a promotional piece for you? Send us an email at media@lvdfitness.com and let’s talk.