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Jen Thompson

Now in her 17th year of competitive powerlifting, Jen Thompson currently holds the current World Classic Bench Press Record with 312lbs and the current Total Record for the 63kg Open Division. She has the highest Wilks raw bench co-efficient for men or women, 64 broken Open and Master's World Records and 28 Open National Titles. She now lives in Denver, North Carolina with her husband/coach Donovan Thompson and her two sons, Tucker and Brody. 

Ray Williams

Ray Williams is a father of three living in Fulton, Mississippi. Originally from Demopolis Alabama, Ray currently holds the IPF World Record squat for the 120+kg class at 1,053lbs and a world record total. He was also ranked the number one powerlifter in the USAPL in 2015 and 2016.

Natalie Hanson

Natalie Hanson was born and raised in a small town in Alaska only accessible via plane. Today, Natalie has a Masters degree in civil engineering, and is currently the 84kg Open World champion, 2x USAPL Open National champion, and holds four world records in Open (equipped) powerlifting. She also runs a nonprofit devoted to alleviating the burden of energy costs for rural Alaskans.


Maria Htee

Maria Htee is currently Canadian classic female Open 57kg, 63kg national record holder and 2015 IPF Worlds Bronze medallist at 57kg, 2017 IPF Worlds Sliver medallist. Maria enjoys hotpot after her heavy training days, and has three furry babies: Cocoa, Moe and Keanu. 

Kelly Branton

Kelly Branton is Canada's strongest male powerlifter and one of the top heavyweights in the IPF. He is the first Canadian to total over 1,000kg, bench more than 600lbs raw, squat 900lbs raw. He has medalled at the IPF Open Worlds seven times, and he is the face of Canadian powerlifting.   

Alyssa Smith

Alyssa Smith found the sport of powerlifting when she was a troubled teenager. Since then, she has earned the Canadian deadlift record for the 72kg, 84kg, and 84+kg classes and has broken several unofficial IPF world records. She has a diploma in Health & Fitness from Algonquin College and works as a personal trainer through Smith Strength Systems. 

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