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$ 35.00 CAD

We took our classic competition tee and cut it in half! This smooth fitting women's competition cropped tee is perfect for under singlets or even just for hot training days. 

Gone are the days where you have to shove your shirt down your singlet or equipment! 

Can't decide on your sizing? Let's see if we can help!
  • How it fits: largely based off your breast size and back width
  • @malloryrowan wears an xs/small for competition for that tight ribcage fit, but a medium/large for a looser gym look

If you're still unsure, please reference our sizing guide below!

Learn more about this item:
  • High quality, soft feel, athletic fit 
  • 50% cotton, 50% polyester

By buying this black and blue crop competition tee, you are providing the equivalent funds of one month of clean water to someone in a developing country. To learn more about this initiative and where your donation will be going, please visit the page on Our Impact.

    Can I wear this in an IPF powerlifting meet?

    The IPF rulebook has no listed restrictions on the length of a shirt in competition. Although we cannot guarantee the referee leading your equipment check will allow you to wear it, we've listed the IPF rules below for your reference. We suggest printing out these rules or bringing a screenshot to show the referee it does not violate any IPF rules. 

    We have official approval from the IPF Technical Committee that these shirts are allowed in competition. Your referee should not refuse the shirt, and you can show them this message if they do.

    IPF Rule:

    A t-shirt must be worn under the lifting suit by all lifters in the Squat and Bench Press and by women in the Deadlift; men do not need to wear a t-shirt in the Deadlift. 

    The t-shirt must conform to the following specifications: 

    (a) the shirt must be constructed entirely of fabric or a synthetic textile and shall not consist, in whole or part, of any rubberized or similar stretch material, nor have any reinforced seams or pockets, buttons, zippers or other than a round neck collar. 

    (b) the t-shirt must have sleeves. Those sleeves must terminate below the lifter’s deltoid and must not extend onto or below the lifter’s elbow. The sleeves may not be pushed or rolled up onto the deltoid when the lifter is competing. 

    (c) the t-shirt may be plain i.e. of a single colour and with no logos or emblems, or may bear the logo or emblem - of the lifter’s nation - of the lifter’s name - of the event in which the lifter is competing - as per the rule “Sponsor’s Logos” - in national and lower level contests only, the lifter’s club or individual sponsor, where that logo or emblem has not otherwise been approved by the IPF.